Hoys Mt Hotham Snow Chain Fitting Service 

188 Great Alpine Road Harrietville Victoria
Feb 27, 2026
Jun 6, 2024

08:00 - 17:30
08:00 - 17:30
08:00 - 17:30
08:00 - 23:59
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It is a legal requirement to carry snow chains between Harrietville and Omeo during the declared snow season and fit them when directed.

Hoys Mt Hotham Snow Chain Fitting Service is a mobile fitting and removal service operating on the Great Alpine Road. This service operates whenever there is snow on the road and chains are required to be fitted during the snow season. This mobile service is located in the designated chain bay - depending on the snow conditions at the time, on the day - between Harrietville and the entrance to the Mt Hotham Village.

When you hire your chains from Hoys Harrietville Ski Centre, the team try on the chains to ensure you will have the right size and then demonstrate how to fit/remove chains correctly. You then proceed up the Great Alpine road where the service will meet you at the current chain bay. The Hoys team will then fit your Hoys hired chains for free.

Hoys only rent quality diamond pattern chains. Hoys chains can also be hired from Hoys Omeo Ski Shop on the Gippsland side (no fitting service operating on that side of the mountain).

Please note : not all vehicles can fit chains due to clearance issues or manufacturers' instructions. Please contact Hoys prior to departing home to discuss the suitability of your vehicle to fitting chains.