It's time to slow down, notice the breeze dance through the treetops, open your ears to the merry babbling of the rivers and and just be. This is Harrietville, an historic mountain village on the frontier of wilderness, where the locals smile at you on the street on their way to the pub raffle. Escape, and feel Harrietville for yourself.


1. Tronoh Dredge Hole

Pack a picnic, grab a coffee and a mouthwatering vanilla slice from the bakery and head to the Tronoh Dredge Hole for a walk or a swim. Once the largest gold dredge in the Southern Hemisphere, it's now an idyllic lake reclaimed by nature.


2. Mount Feathertop hike

Test your fitness on a return hike to the summit of Mount Feathertop along Bungalo Spur Track. Observe how the flora changes as you climb higher, eventually reaching the alpine meadows and mesmerising views of the Australian Alps from the summit.


3. Experience snow

As the last stop before Mount Hotham, 40 minutes further up the road, Harrietville is a quiet and affordable place to base yourself for a skiing or snowboarding trip, or to go tobogganing with the kids at Dinner Plain. Ski gear and snow chains are available from Hoys Harrietville Ski Centre.


4. Harrietville Museum

Set in a charming old miner's cottage, the Harrietville Museum is the keeper of the village's history, its people, and relics from its gold mining past. Drop in and get a feel for how Harrietville came to be.


5. Ride 7 Peaks

Harrietville marks the start of the 7 Peaks Mount Hotham road cycling climb, where pain fades in the face of gain on one of the country's most stunning and rewarding bike rides. Refresh your legs with a cool dip in the river before ticking off the Dinner Plain climb as well!

6. Great Valley Trail

A short pedal on the flat Great Valley Trail past green pastures and mountain ranges is a fun adventure for people of all ages. The trail runs all the way to Bright, but for a short ride, try the 10km-return ride out to the Mountain Fresh Trout and Salmon Farm and throw in a line.


7. Trout & Salmon Farm

A peaceful setting where no one goes home disappointed. It's free to drop a line into the fish ponds at the Mountain Fresh Trout and Salmon Farm, paying only for what you catch. The friendly staff will even scale your fish for you so it's ready to throw straight on the BBQ.


8. Pick Blueberries

Between late-December and the end of March, venture round to Feathertop Blueberries and wander through the rows of blueberry bushes as you search for the tastiest berries to pick for your picnic by the Ovens River at Tavare Park.


9. Tavare Park

Picnic in the shade of grand old trees as the kids run around in the playground at the peaceful Tavare Park. Wade in the Ovens River, or meander down it in a lilo and soak in that 'mountains' feeling.


10. Geocaching

Harrietville is full of hidden treasures. Geocaching is a great way to explore pockets of Harrietville you never knew existed and to learn a little bit about the town's history while doing it.


Hiking from Harrietville


From short riverside strolls to rewarding mountain summits, come and immerse yourself in the nature of Australia's alpine peaks and valleys.