Harrietville fly trout fishing

With the East and West branches of the Ovens River meeting in Harrietville there is ample opportunity to find your piece of river, or a quiet water hole. High annual rainfall and granite rocks in the mountains result in clear, fast flowing water. This supports good self-sustaining populations of blackfish and brown trout.

Fishing Season

The streams and rivers close during winter from Queens birthday weekend at the start of June to the first weekend in September. During this time, anglers can still fish for trout and salmon in Victorian lakes and reservoirs, which remain open year round. Catch limits for freshwater scale fish is available in the Victorian Recreational Fishing Guide 2014, remember to pick up a Recreational Fishing Licence (RFL).

Need a hand?

Hit the rivers, streams and water holes with our experts who can show you all the secret fishing spots and tricks of the trade, or even take the little ones along to catch or feed the fish at Mountain Fresh Trout and Salmon Farm, a great family day out.

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Fishing Locations Around Harrietville

Tronoh Dredge (Harrietville Dredge Hole)

Tronoh Dredge (Harrietville Dredge Hole) is well set up for all the family. It has a very well-maintained picnic area with tables and BBQ, built shade areas, tree cover, public toilets and there is also a jetty. It is a stocked water body so there are fish at this site, predominantly trout. The turn off if you are coming into Harrietville from Bright is off to the left just after the Harrietville Hotel/ Motel. Turn down Feathertop Track, the track to the dredge will be on your right.


Smoko Campground has picnic tables, a fireplace and pit toilet available. There is some good fish habitat at this site, mainly trout. Smoko campground is located only 8 kilometres from Harrietville with the access being on your right as you head from Harrietville towards Bright.

Snowy Creek Picnic Area

Snowy Creek has ample parking, picnic tables and fireplaces. There is shade and a large hole good for both fishing and swimming. The turn off is located on the right approximately 17 kilometres from Harrietville along the Great Road. The access point (or parking) is a further 300m east, along the Old Harrietville Road near Germantown. The target species is trout.