Step into the rivers, singing in their crystal clear chorus, and be whisked far from the madding crowd to a world where everything moves in harmony to the rhythm of nature. Go fly fishing for trout and blackfish along the east and west branches of the Ovens River, relax with a line lakeside or drop into the Trout & Salmon Farm for a guaranteed catch.
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The waters of the east and west branches of the Ovens River have a steady but gentle flow and are neither too deep nor too shallow; ideal conditions for wade-in fly fishing in spring and summer. Take a walk along these beautiful rivers and find yourself a secluded spot.


This picnic area on the Ovens River is easy to access and has a selection of flat, moderate and steep banks to fish for trout from. The picnic area is located on Old Harrietville Road near its intersection with the Great Alpine Road, Germantown.


The slope of the bank in this location is steep and access is hard, although there is some good fish habitat at this site. The turnoff to the campground is on the eastern side of the Great Alpine Road, 1km south of Steiners Lane in Smoko.


This fishing location is easily accessible and has parking and shade. Access to the river is limited, but the available bank is flat and provides a good spot for trout fishing. This site is located 91.5km south-east of Wangaratta along the Great Alpine Road.

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Let a local guide you to the best trout fishing spots in the High Country. They can even teach you how to fly fish.


The Tronoh Dredge Hole in Harrietville is stocked with trout each year, making it a reliable place to bag a catch. It's a pleasant spot for families and has a swimming area, picnic tables, BBQ, jetty, walking tracks and public drop toilet. To get there, exit the Great Alpine Road in Harrietville onto Feathertop Track. After 550m, turn right onto the dirt track. Keep to the left of the fork in the road.


The Mountain Fresh Trout & Salmon Farm in Harrietville is an ideal option for a quick and guaranteed catch for lunch or dinner. Lines and bait are free to use and you only pay for what you catch. Kids can feed the fish as well. The staff will gut and scale your fish for you so it's ready to cook. The farm is located at 10 Stony Creek Road, Harrietville, just off the Great Alpine Road.


Fishing for trout and salmon in rivers or streams is prohibited between the the start of June until the first weekend in September each year. This allows the fish to repopulate. During this time, anglers can still fish for trout and salmon in Victorian lakes and reservoirs, which remain open year round. Find out more on the Victorian Fisheries Authority website.


Before you head out, you'll need to purchase a Recreational Fishing Licence online from the Victorian Fisheries Authority and familiarise yourself with fish size and catch limits. Licences start at $10 for three days and cover all forms of recreational fishing in all of Victoria's marine, estuarine and freshwaters. A fishing licence is required for anyone aged between 18 and 70.